Give the Gift of Life

Make a personal commitment to donate blood in 2022. You will be helping to save the lives of our Heroes Circle community.

Written by Martin H. Bluth, MD, PhD; Chief, Blood Transfusion and Donor Services; Assistant Director, Clinical Laboratories; Director of Translational Research (Pathology), Maimonides Medical Center; Chief Medical Officer at Kids Kicking Cancer | Heroes Circle

As we enter the new year, we all seek to heal, find meaning and increase our sense of purpose in the ever changing COVID landscape. Throughout these trying times, the children in our program continue to require and receive medical care. Blood transfusions, including red blood cells, platelets and plasma, represent a staple of clinical care for many of our participants that require blood support to survive. These include those with sickle cell disease, anemia, clotting factor deficiencies, leukemia, among others.

There are approximately 21,000,000 blood product transfusions per year in the U.S. Unfortunately, blood does not grow on trees. Theses precious Gifts of Life come from the selfless acts of kindness of people, such as you, who want to save the lives of others. COVID has negatively affected our blood supply as it has our lives. Please take the time to donate blood so that others can live.

Aside from receiving a free health screening, which can reveal potential health concerns, donating blood can help lower blood pressure and the risk for heart attacks. It can stimulate red blood cell production, lower iron stores, reduce cancer risk, improve liver health, lower cholesterol, improve insulin sensitivity, lengthen donors’ lifespans and improve their mental wellbeing. The blood donation process only takes a few moments and one donation can save three people. Those who donate also benefit by knowing that they actually helped save the life of another child or adult with almost no effort.

Please donate blood at your local blood center. You will feel amazing — and in about 15 minutes, you provide the lifesaving blood that will help the children of the Heroes Circle and many others that require blood support to stay well.

To learn more about the importance of blood donations, check out this article from HFMA.

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