As we begin the year-end season of giving, Kids Kicking Cancer is grateful for one of our Heroes Circle families for sharing their story so we can help change more lives.

In July 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic, the Jones family received news that their seven-year-old daughter Ava was diagnosed  with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare pediatric cancer.

“In the beginning, we struggled to get Ava out of the house for treatments since she was terrified of getting her port accessed. This process physically and emotionally drained all of us – Ava, our family, her nurses and the entire medical team,” said Kym Jones, Ava’s mom. “At times it took up to two hours for her port access procedure for weekly chemotherapy and blood tests.”

“Things changed dramatically last October, when Ave was invited to participate in a virtual martial arts therapy class hosted by Kids Kicking Cancer. A few months before, Ava became fascinated with all things karate. We had a hunch this would be an exciting way to bring some joy into her life. Little did we know it would make such an amazing difference.”

Kym told us that Ava loves her Kids Kicking Cancer weekly martial arts therapy sessions where she’s learned breathing techniques, called power breathing, to ease her anxiety and pain, as well as body scans and non-contact martial arts movement. Ava learned to use her power breathing prior to her port being accessed and any time she’s in an uncomfortable situation.

“This has been life changing,” said Kym. Now she can have her port accessed in just a minute or two thanks to Kids Kicking Cancer.”

It is Kym’s hope that sharing her story “so that Kids Kicking Cancer and the Heroes Circle community can be an incredible source of strength and comfort to more children who are just like my daughter.”

Kids Kicking Cancer’s vision is to empower one million children with all types of illnesses to reduce their pain and stress – transforming them from victim to victor – and helping them emerge as “powerful martial artists.”

Can you help make this vision a reality? Your gift can help these children learn to battle through trauma and find Power Peace and Purpose during a time that is dark and scary.

Kids Kicking Cancer provides a perfect platform for Ava to make friends and connect with kids in a safe environment to talk about her feelings.

“Knowing that Ava has had the Heroes Circle community to help her through all of this brings a smile to my face,” said Kym. “Honestly, this program is just as uplifting for me as it is for her. I truly don’t know what we would have done without this program.”

Thank you for your support! You are changing the lives of children globally.

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Despite the ongoing challenges of the global pandemic, we are committed to empowering one million children to reduce their pain and stress with the help of our evidence-based martial arts therapy.