S1E29: Breaking the Suffering Cycle- Part One

Meet warrior, Isaac Kakone. In August 2019, Isaac was in a horrible motorcycle accident. The accident ripped all the nerves connecting his left arm to his brain, causing severe chronic nerve pain and essentially a dead left arm. Isaac’s experience with pain and suffering thrust him into a very dark place and into addiction as a way to cope. Realizing he could not live this way anymore, he began educating himself on the brain’s response to pain and reflected on his behavior and choices, discovering his true core values. Tune in as Isaac shares how he faced his pain and addiction and learned to find a new beginning as a father, husband, motivational speaker and overall human being. Isaac believes his experience is “an opportunity to help others survive and thrive despite the chronic pain.” To learn more about Isaac or to have him speak at your next event, you can go to his website https://www.recoverythroughvalues.com.

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