S2E28: Sunbreaks in Unending Storms- A Journey of Love and Parenthood while Chronically Ill- Part Two

Continuing our conversation with warrior, Carole Griffitts and her husband, FJ. Carole and FJ were happily married with two young sons when a severe, disabling back injury at work in 1978 began Carole’s 44-year journey with invisible disabilities. Carole was later diagnosed with post-polio syndrome in 1985, dystonia in 2005 and Sjogren’s syndrome in 2009. Her neuromuscular conditions interact with each other causing weakness, pain, spasms, and fatigability. Carole and FJ were forced to acclimate to their new roles. Listen as in Part Two this husband-and-wife duo share more on adapting to Carole’s ever evolving health challenges, their advice for the chronically ill and their significant other, and how they find hope and purpose especially through their compelling book. To learn more about Carole and FJ and their book, Sunbreaks in Unending Storms, go to https://sunbreaksbooks.com/.  To follow Carole’s journey, go to https://www.navigatingthestorms.com. 

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