S3E1: Dating When Chronically Ill- Part Two 

Continuing our conversation with warrior, Lydia Joy Launderville. Lydia is a freelance writer specializing in health and lifestyle, a ghostwriter, a blogger, an advocate, and a full-time Reading Interventionist for elementary children. Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Raynaud’s syndrome, and a host of other conditions, Lydia entered the dating world while still discovering her diagnoses and how to manage her various symptoms. Through each relationship, Lydia has grown to understand her conditions and what she needs in her partner and for her health. Tune in to Part Two as Lydia discusses managing her health including doctor appts and flare ups while in a relationship, how she took care of herself during a breakup and how past and present romantic relationships have given her a deeper understanding of herself, her health and life. Lydia reminds all chronic illness warriors that you are so much more than your disease and are deserving of love. To learn more about Lydia Joy Launderville or her writing, go to https://lydiajoylaunderville.wordpress.com.  

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