S3E18: The Constant Juggling Act of Life with Chronic Migraine Disease- Part Three 

Finishing our conversation with warrior, Jenny McPherson. Jenny has lived with chronic migraine disease for over forty years. During that time, she has spent tens of thousands of dollars even with insurance to treat her disease including Botox, many different medications, treatments, and even migraine surgery. Jenny spends her days juggling life as a contracts professional working for an aerospace company and mother while managing the before, during, or after of a migraine attack. Listen to Part Three as Jenny shares how one can join the cause to fight for chronic migraine disease as well as find support and the benefit of advocacy in her life. To learn about Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy, go to https://allianceforheadacheadvocacy.org/ and to learn about brain donation, go to https://hbtrc.mclean.harvard.edu/.  

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