S3E25: Stomping through Cerebral Palsy and the Adult Medical System – Part One

Meet warrior, Tylia Flores. Tylia was born with Spastic Cerebral Palsy affecting her motility. Now twenty-eight years old, Tylia also suffers from chronic illness due to a left hip dislocation from Cerebral Palsy and surgeries to correct the issue. Tylia says transitioning to adult care was a struggle as well as simply managing her conditions and mental health along the way. In Part One, Tylia shares her struggle transitioning from the pediatric medical world to adult and her suggestions for those going through the same situation. Despite all her challenges, Tylia found her passion for sharing her stories with others. Tylia is a disability activist, author of multiple fiction and nonfiction books including Perspective on cerebral palsy: Love’s beauty in spite of handicaps and A Disabled writer’s untold stories, and radio personality hosting The Stomping On CP Radio Show with DJ Ty. Tylia’s hope is to help others with disabilities realize their dreams. To learn more about Tylia Flores, her writing, her radio show and new projects, go to her website: www.tyliaflores.com.

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