S3E9: The Cushie Effect: A Life with Cushing’s Disease- Part One 

Meet warrior, Jewel Dukes. After experiencing unexplained, rapid weight gain, extreme fatigue, mini-strokes and various other symptoms in 2021, Jewel began the difficult journey to find her proper diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease. This rare condition required pituitary surgery and caused her to become adrenally insufficient. Two major adrenal crises, several ER visits, and other health complications and comorbidities such as Lipedema, Arthritis, Sickle Cell Trait, and Spinal Stenosis soon followed. In Part One, listen as Jewel shares her health journey including her diagnosis discovery and all her comorbidities. Jewel wishes to raise awareness on Cushing’s Disease and all the facets of living with chronic illness through her social media, various podcasts and participating in the Rare Compassion Program. The Rare Compassion Program by Global Genes offers the opportunity for rare disease patients to share their disease and experience with a medical student. To learn more about The Rare Compassion Program, go  https://globalgenes.org/participate/rare-compassion-program/ and to learn more about Jewel Dukes, go to her social media @thelipedemacushie on Instagram and @Jewel Dukes on Facebook. 

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