Testimonial from a Grandmother

We love getting reviews and testimonials from our children’s families!

Haley first joined Kids Kicking several years ago after her cancer diagnosis.  Years later, as a teenager she is still one of our most active students and participants!  We offer programs, services, and support for children of all ages.  We have many teen-aged oncology patients suffering from cancer, sickle cell, and many other illnesses – as well as their younger and older siblings and their family.

When Haley was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma five years ago, joining a martial arts therapy program was the furthest thing from her grandparent’s minds. Haley was a normal 8-year-old child and they were reluctant to even bring up the dreaded “C” word which they associated with certain death. Removing the tumor behind her eye, and chemotherapy, left her body weak and challenged.

As Haley started her treatments she began to withdraw and stop eating. Her grandmother saw a brochure at Children’s Hospital of Michigan advertising a martial arts therapy program.  Haley had expressed an interest in karate prior to treatment, she thought it would be a good bribe for her. It worked!

In 2014, Haley decided that she did not want to be sedated for her frequent MRI’s. The procedure required her to remain motionless for seventy-five minutes with her head in a cage that slides into the massive machine. Haley used her Kids Kicking Cancer breathing and meditation to remain totally calm and motionless through this procedure without any anesthesia. Haley was wheeled out of the MRI room to a cadre of nurses throwing confetti and loudly cheering. As Haley said,

“I do have the power to make the pain and fear go away. Nothing is impossible. Nothing!”

Not only did she learn the breathing techniques, she was in a class of her peers where she was not self-conscious. In the class, the children can talk amongst themselves, feel free to express their feelings and support one another. Fast forward to today, Haley is a champion for the Kids Kicking Cancer cause and looks forward to speaking to anyone and everyone about the program. She has quite a bright future ahead of her.

If you’d like to find out more about joining Kids Kicking Cancer, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us, and someone will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. We now offer easy online registration!

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