Meet our Martial Arts Therapists

The Heart and Soul of our Therapy

Globally, our staff is comprised of more than 200 Martial Arts Therapists – all highly trained martial artists who have successfully matriculated through the Heroes Circle therapeutic martial arts course curriculum and then completed a rigorous apprenticeship.

“The Martial Arts is often looked at as a tool to “defend against the bad guys”. When someone in your family is sick, the sickness is the bad guy. As Martial Arts Therapists, our main goal is to be there for families who have been struck by an illness, and to show them that they are a lot stronger than they sometimes feel. We are all powerful Martial Artists – we just must believe it.”


Help more children find

Power. Peace. Purpose.

Despite the ongoing challenges of the global pandemic, we are committed to empowering one million children to reduce their pain and stress with the help of our evidence-based martial arts therapy.