Testimonial from a Mother

We received this testimonial from the mother of one of “Little Heroes” program members. The Kids Kicking Cancer Little Heroes program is a special class/program we offer that is tailored for the youngest of our students. It is centered around three to five-year-old’s and offers services and support for pediatric patients suffering from cancer, sickle cell, and any other illness – as well as siblings and the entire family. Additionally, we offer the same program and services for children who have a parent or guardian suffering from cancer. Everyone comes together, and Kids Kicking Cancer ends up being a fantastic support group for the children and their families.

I contacted Kids Kicking Cancer when Caleb was 2-years-old, following two surgeries, five very hard rounds of chemotherapy, and 30 rounds of Proton Radiation. Although he was small even for the Little Heroes program, Caleb loved the classes and learned to “Breathe in the light and blow out the darkness.” Sensei’s Peter and Michael have been amazing with him. Their fun, yet firm approach to teaching the children karate moves along with the breathing techniques is amazing. How they talk to each child individually, making a connection to them, makes the classes fun for little restless kids, as well as ultimately working with them on how to deal with hospital visits is something to be praised!

Kids Kicking Cancer also means so much to the families of the cancer child. When your child has cancer, without being asked or wanting to, you become a member of the “cancer family” which is often a lonely isolated road. Kids Kicking Cancer provides a safe, non-judgmental place to belong. It affords families opportunities to attend events they otherwise couldn’t. Time to spend together as a family in a safe environment, a place for parents and care givers to meet and talk and give support to one another, as well as the power to help our son when he goes in for his cancer checkups.

The Kids Kicking Cancer mantra of “Power, Peace, Purpose” is everything! Power to take control of their life situation! Power breathing through difficult times. Power to be more than what their cancer says they can be. Peace, a place to feel at ease and safe from outside judgment. Peace to belong to a big family who understands what you are going though. Peace to know others care about you. Purpose, to give direction to children who are facing life-threatening illnesses.

I am grateful to the Kids Kicking Cancer program for all that is has done for little Caleb, and as he grows older, all that it will do for him. We can’t get back the first year and a half of Caleb’s life and the time he spent in the hospital or undergoing medical treatment, we can only look ahead and make new and happy memories of the bright future he has ahead of himself and the Kids Kicking Cancer program helps to make these happy, life long memories as well as providing us with a sense of power, peace, and purpose!

If you’d like to find out more about joining Kids Kicking Cancer, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us, and someone will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. We now offer easy online registration!

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