A Random Act of Kindness for Kids Kicking Cancer

KFM 94.5 in South Africa recently featured our continually expanding South Africa Kids Kicking Cancer program.

In his show, Ryan O’Connor spoke to the chairperson of Kids Kicking Cancer South Africa, Richard Friedland, about the initiative and the empowering work that they do.

“It’s hard enough for adults, with, so you can imagine young children having to deal with this. Particularly within the public sector where many of these young children’s parents are unable to be with them as they are fighting the fight of their lives.”

Sherry Saltzman of the Dis-Chem Foundation pledged to help two of  the South Africa programs – one in Cape Town and one in Johannesburg – by supplying each with R50,000 in cash, karate uniforms and activity packs to keep the children entertained while waiting for their treatments.

Kids Kicking Cancer South Africa services a wide range of children undergoing cancer treatments in the region.

“These kids go through various treatments. It’s very hard for them to handle on a day to day basis. What we do is come in and teach them power breathing… to breathe in the light and out the darkness.”

Ilze van der Merwe, Kids Kicking Cancer

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