We had known something was happening to our daughter about a year prior to her brain tumor discovery.  We were working with her then pediatrician to try and figure out what was causing her terrible headaches, loss of energy, vomiting and eventual loss of balance, until we were referred to the Detroit Children’s Hospital.  From there, a scan was done, and a very large brain tumor was found that started in her cerebellum and snuck into her ventricles.  Immediately following that scan, an emergency surgery took place to reduce the swelling on the brain and a shunt was placed to help save her life.  Two days later, her highly skilled neurosurgeon spent eight hours to remove the tumor.  We were one of the lucky ones.  We know this.

Since that day in September of 2019, Adeline had to relearn how to walk without assistance, hold a pencil for any length of time, read, do a jumping jack, and most importantly to her; ride her bike.  Cancer is a huge weight for children to carry.  And what cancer can take, feels endless at times.  Some months into her early recovery, we learned of severe vision loss.  We currently live in a space of continued specialists, pokes, and MRI’s praying this can slow down for her. But walking next to those challenges, is Kids Kicking Cancer.  Adeline has been able to realize she is not alone in these battles.  Kids Kicking Cancer has connected us to a community and taught Adeline bravery and skill through power breathing.

Community, power breathing and the power of love are the finest of warriors against cancer and trauma.  We are forever grateful for Kids Kicking Cancer and your support for it.  We love our babies and appreciate you loving them, too.

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