When Aiden was diagnosed with Leukemia at three years old, our world flipped upside-down. We were frozen in a moment trying to find a new normal. Kids Kicking Cancer became an extension of our family. A community of support through the most difficult time imaginable.

Aiden was able to interact with children his own age, who also had cancer. His sisters were able to meet other siblings going through the same hard time. Kids Kicking Cancer is a fantastic non-contact martial arts therapy program, with a focus on internal strength. More than kicks and punches (there are a few of those), Kids Kicking Cancer uses “power breathing” and meditative “body scans” to empower children to take control of their pain and fear. At three years old, Aiden was using these techniques to power through procedures, port accesses, and blood pokes. When I tell you he is the nurses’ favorite patient in blood draw, there is no exaggeration. His sisters (who also attend the classes) use the same breathing to help with frustration, anxiety and fear that comes along with a sibling’s cancer diagnosis. As parents, we use the same power breathing to somehow make it through the day!

There were so many things we could not do after diagnosis and so much that we missed out on as a family. Kids Kicking Cancer has given us back that family connection. They have and continue to support us through our journey, in-patient and out. More than just an organization, they are truly family!

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