There are no words to express how we feel about Kids Kicking Cancer. During the darkest moments of our lives, my family found true help, support, and boundless love from the earthly Angels who work at this OUTSTANDING organization.

When Alison was diagnosed with life threatening cancer at six years old, our world turned upside down, our family was in crisis. Rabbi G., Cindy, Sensei Michael, and the extraordinary martial artists therapists gave us a true home when we were stumbling through darkness.

As days turned into weeks and months of isolation, inability to enter society due to the fear of germs and Alison’s compromised immune system due to chemotherapy, we looked forward to our weekly classes. A place where our sweet girl could focus her anger, frustration, and fear to a place outside of her little body.

Breathing in the light and blowing out the darkness felt like one breath at a time. We got through that terrible storm. Allison’s little sister Grace also got to dress in the martial arts uniform and blow off steam. Mom and Dad got to talk, be social, and for a few precious moments, forget how terrible everything was.

At Kids Kicking Cancer, Alison was surrounded by loving children who shared her experiences and supported her with healing love and light. Cindy connected me to mothers going through the same pain. These Herculean women opened their hearts, shared their pain, and at the same time their strength. Cindy, you are an angel. You are one of the kindest people I have ever known.

Sensei Michael – our personal hero, comedian, goofball, and friend – how many hours did you stay by our side in the hospital, working on the endless IV start or port access? Your patience knows no limit. How many stories did you share that gave us proof things really would be ok? You are our hero.

Rabbi G, it is unreal that an individual with his personal history could create something so beautiful out of his own unimaginable suffering. Most would have shut down and withered, but he chose to breathe in the light, and create an extraordinary gift for so many. Rabbi, you are our ultimate hero.

Since Alison’s diagnosis, two family friends have also faced childhood cancer. Our first offer of support was to call Kids Kicking Cancer.

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