My son Amanuel was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma soon after we arrived in the United States. It was a huge bombshell for us. I didn’t have friends or family here to share my fears with. My son was anxious about going through the treatment, and his older brother was also affected by the news.

Then I heard about Kids Kicking Cancer. I am grateful and blessed to a part of this wonderful organization. The staff are like family, and now I can say that I have family to go through this journey with me. Attending the classes instantly supplied my children with friends and emotional support. Wednesday, martial arts therapy class day, has become their favorite day of the week. Kids Kicking Cancer also provides one-on-one classes for the kids, and hospital visits on surgery days. Thank you for everything you have done to help my family get through this difficult time! I am breathing in the light and blowing out my darkness every day.

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