When Brandon was first diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma at 3-years-old, our family’s lives were turned upside down. The hospital tried to give us all kinds of programs to cope and make life bearable and I remember always hearing about Kids Kicking Cancer. My sons were 2 and 3 at the time and I thought there’s no way we would be able to participate. I didn’t think they needed it anyway.

About a year into Brandon’s treatment, his younger brother Ben, who had just turned 3, started to act out a lot. He was angry, and he was taking it out on everyone physically and emotionally. I didn’t know what to do and how to help him, especially since he wasn’t the one with cancer. I never anticipated it affecting him in that way. I talked to the social worker at the hospital and she recommended Kids Kicking Cancer right away. I got in touch with Cindy and we went as soon as we could.

From the first class, my boys were hooked. It was definitely an adjustment because they had never participated in any kind of organized sport or school. They looked forward to going every week and they transformed before my eyes. They grew in discipline and control of their bodies and they learned how to work out their anger and frustration. Watching them do something that makes them happy during a time that has been so unhappy is indescribable.

Everyone at Kids Kicking Cancer has treated us like family from the moment we walked in the door. We are incredibly grateful for the privilege of being a part of their family. My youngest has become his normal, sweet, happy self again and loving karate. Kids Kicking Cancer has changed our lives and has helped make our family whole again.

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