Caiden’s mom recently shared her thoughts on Caiden’s journey with Kids Kicking Cancer.

“The Kids Kicking Cancer organization has been a blessing for my entire family. Caiden, has been in remission for several years, however, he continues to struggle with symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, as a result of his illness. Caiden often has anxiety whenever he is required to complete bloodwork and/or testing, as required at his oncology visits. Additionally, Caiden’s younger brother, Caleb has a form of childhood epilepsy which causes seizures and requires daily medication.

Upon learning about the Kids Kicking Cancer program, we knew that it sounded like an amazing organization, however, we had no idea of the impact it would have on our lives and the lives of our children. Through Caiden and Caleb’s participation with Kids Kicking Cancer, they have become empowered. They are excited to use the techniques and tools learned through Kids Kicking Cancer, in an effort to reduce the fear and anxiety that they are often faced with.

Caiden and Caleb both practice power breathing, prior to any blood-work or tests. Additionally, they have proudly taught others to power breathe when in fearful situations. Caiden and Caleb also remind each other to power breathe, when they are upset. Kids Kicking Cancer has provided our family with lots of support and comfort during what has been a difficult time in our lives. Kids Kicking Cancer has truly become a second family to us. Caiden and Caleb look forward to having a Kids Kicking Cancer staff member by their side if they are going for scans or procedures; this additional support makes them feel brave. Caiden has proudly shared with nurses and doctor’s what power breathing does and the purpose of it.

My husband and I have proudly watched Caiden and Caleb go from two little boys who have faced difficult health challenges, to two empowered children, who are sharing with others the confidence and strength that they have learned through Kids Kicking Cancer. We are both honored and blessed to be a part of this wonderful program.”

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