Ember is eight years old. Ember’s family found out about Kids Kicking Cancer through Beaumont Children’s Hospital. As Ember started to attend weekly classes, she made a group of friends who had gone through the same thing as she had, which is not something she had in school or her neighborhood. Not only did Ember make a good group of friends through the program, but she also started becoming attached to the staff members and everyone involved in the program.

Ember has expressed that one of the most valuable aspects of the Martial Arts therapy is Power Breathing. Through all her treatments, she uses her Power Breathing to push away the pain. She also encourages others, like her family, to Power Breathe if they are in pain or get upset. Kids Kicking Cancer’s Martial Arts Therapy class has provided Ember with an opportunity to be a leader. She is so comfortable in classes and at any event that is held by Kids Kicking Cancer. After coming home from class, Ember never fails to practice her martial arts techniques and show off what she has been learning.  She is now three years off of treatment and doing very well! She still incorporates Power Breathing into her daily life and teaches her friends to do it as well!

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