After she was diagnosed with cancer, Liz, mom to the then 4 year old Josephine, felt an overwhelming need to meet other moms with cancer who have young children. Joining the Kids Kicking Cancer program provided the two-fold benefit of that support for Liz along with the much needed support and benefits that Josephine was gaining.

Liz commented, “For Josephine, I can’t even begin to describe the benefit that Kids Kicking Cancer has had-the power breathing has become part of her coping, she gained self-control. The program has made her less scared of my cancer. Liz also felt that seeing so many kids in the recovery process made Josephine more aware of the process of living and dying, “It’s given her a really healthy view of sickness and she knows that cancer is not an automatic death sentence”.

Liz mentioned other benefits, “Kids Kicking Cancer has also given Josephine confidence-that and Sensei Peter-she just loves Sensei Peter (her instructor)”.

“Kids Kicking Cancer has also shown Josephine how generous people are, through attending all of the events, and the donation of generous people’s time. It makes Josephine aware of the good in humanity. That is such an important lesson”. Liz further said, “That is what cancer has given me – cancer has “improved” my life”.

Josephine’s mom Liz is so grateful to be included in the Kids Kicking Cancer program-as she said to us “when one person has cancer the whole family has cancer.”

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