Coming to Kids Kicking Cancer has made our family grow and it’s beautiful to know they will always be there for you. When we learned of this organization we were having a bad time. Our daughter was given a diagnosis in which our time stopped, and it was then that Kids Kicking Cancer extended their hand to give us hope and happiness. Really, it is something that until today they have been helping us in every sense. Not only do they help my daughters, but they help our entire family. The girls have learned how to master the pain and how to continue moving forward on this really difficult road.

With Kids Kicking Cancer’s help it’s been possible. The girls have learned how to use their breath and demonstrate that they are not alone. When the martial artists visit the hospital, it makes the patients feel better. They fill them with energies to continue standing like champions that continue in their fight.

Thank you, Kids Kicking Cancer, for helping us in this fight and helping us to feel strong.


After a recent birthday celebration for Karla, Karla’s mom sent us the following message “Thank you very much for everything. It is very beautiful to share important moments of our life with you. We feel fortunate to have your support. Kids Kicking Cancer is like our second family”

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