At four years old, Kate was diagnosed with kidney cancer. She went through many treatments including having her tumor and kidney removed. Throughout it all, Kate’s biggest challenges were the many needles and pokes necessary for the chemo and blood draws. Kate’s mom Amanda saw a Kids Kicking Cancer flyer and also heard about the program through another parent. Kate joined Kids Kicking Cancer where she learned the breathing techniques to help her cope with her pokes. Sensei Peter, along with other Kids Kicking Cancer staff, visited Kate in the hospital to help her practice her breathing techniques. Now, Kate was in control.

Like many Kids Kicking Cancer families, a unique aspect of the program is the inclusion of siblings. Kate’s cancer was tough on her younger brother Luke. Having him included in all classes and activities made Kids Kicking Cancer that much more special. Kate never met a stranger, she is very friendly and relates to others with similar experiences. This additional aspect of Kids Kicking Cancer, the ability to share stories, and develop a sense of bonding with the other families has been therapeutic for the whole family.

Having a child with cancer is one of the toughest things a family can face. That is why it meant the world to Amanda to talk to parents who have been through this experience. She is grateful to have the opportunity to repay that support by helping new Kids Kicking Cancer families. Other parts of the program that Kate really enjoys are the many parties and events she attends with her new friends. She also loves posing for the camera, made possible by media opportunities such as People Magazine, WXYZ Detroit 2020, and Good Morning America.

Amanda added “Kids Kicking Cancer is the most outstanding of all the groups that we work with-the amount of care-(knowing) how to meet the needs of families, how to get through treatment and how to help the child. They really get to know the families and their needs-helping them get some control back”.

After 17 long months of treatment, Kate has now been cancer free for almost two years.

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