S1E25: The Burden of Losing Our Independence when Chronically Ill

Meet warrior, Carolanne Monteleone. Carolanne was a bright-eyed 21-year-old woman when chronic illness struck her life. Carolanne quickly lost huge pieces of her independence having to move back in with her parents and depending on them for help with ER visits, doctor’s appointments, medications, showers and her feeding tube. Eventually diagnosed with many chronic conditions such as gastroparesis, dysautonomia, polycystic ovary syndrome, bile reflux, and chronic fatigue syndrome, Carolanne has dealt with many ups and downs in her health and the ability to care for herself. Listen as Carolanne reveals the impact of losing her independence and how she manages the loss, her mental health and life by writing, advocating, and leaning on her loved ones. To read her published articles, blog and more, go to her website at https://aheartforhumanity.wordpress.com/. You can also follow Carolanne on Instagram @carolannemaria.

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