S1E24: Navigating Chronic Illness in a World That Wasn’t Made for Us

Meet warrior, Kat Harrison. Kat is a fierce advocate and writer who lives with chronic, daily migraine, bilateral vestibular loss, oscillopsia, chronic ear disease and a rare headache condition called SUNCT Syndrome. Tune in as Kat shines a realistic light on the everyday decisions the chronically ill face. She’ll also share how to increase accessibility and inclusion in the workplace, home and beyond. Kat is the community content producer at the Mighty and the author of the award-winning children’s book Surgery on Sunday, the newly released children’s book, Migraine and Mia and numerous articles for magazines such as Real Simple and digital outlets such as MSN. To learn more about Kat and her writing, go to her website https://www.katwritesforyou.com/.  

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