S2E1: Letting Go and Accepting Uncertainty When Living with Chronic Illness- Part One

Meet warrior, Kimi. Kimi is a young adult living and coping with hydrocephalus, slit ventricle syndrome and chronic pain syndrome from her past forty neurosurgeries. At seventeen, Kimi suffered a hemorrhagic stroke due to a failed 3rd Ventriculostomy which took away her ability to walk, talk or do anything with the right side of her body. Kimi slowly fought her way back and discovered her new passion for medical research. She knows that at any time her shunt could break, resulting in more surgery, pain and upheaval in her life. Listen as Kimi shares her incredible story and how she was able to let go of her past and accept her present and the uncertainty of her future. If you are interested in Kimi’s blog, go to https://blessingsinhydro.blogspot.com/

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