S2E18: Handling Unpredictability with Rare Conditions– Part One 

Meet warrior, Tessa Koller. Tessa manages a rare genetic syndrome called 22Q11.2 Deletion Syndrome which can cause heart defects, poor immune function and more. She has endured several near-death experiences including one due to long haul Covid as well as many surgeries resulting in chronic pain. The diagnoses of Fibromyalgia and Behcet’s Syndrome soon followed. Tessa always looks for the lessons each experience and condition has taught her. Through her art and advocacy, she keeps moving forward, supports others and is able to find some peace amidst the chaos. Tune in to Part One as Tessa shares her remarkable story living with her rare conditions as well as some of her near-death experiences and how she handles the unpredictability of it all. To learn about Tessa including her art and blog or to subscribe to her newsletter, go to https://www.tessakollerart.com/

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