S2E22: Life after Chronic Illness 

Meet warrior, Katiuscia Maria. Katiuscia was diagnosed with lupus nephritis at only thirteen. The lupus attacked her kidneys requiring a myriad of medications and chemotherapies. She enjoyed a few years of milder symptoms until 2009 when she became very ill. When all treatments failed to help, she decided to change her lifestyle and her lupus went into remission. Katiuscia is still immune suppressed and must always be mindful of her health. She also manages migraine, arthritis, and some other symptoms; however, her lupus has been in remission for almost a decade. Listen as Katiuscia manages life after lupus including the fear of her symptoms returning and the sadness from missing out on previous life events. Katiuscia actively chooses to see good in every situation and has come to appreciate her decades long struggle with lupus as her experience has made her the strong woman she is today. To learn more about Katiuscia Maria and her blog, go to https://www.lupuslifebalance.com or find her on social media at @katiuscia_maria.  

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