S2E25: The Full Impact of Migraine- Part One    

Meet warrior, Camellia Phillips. Camellia has been suffering from chronic migraine for the past eighteen years as well as mild ulcerative colitis for the past decade. Camellia holds an MFA in creative writing from The New School and her essays and short stories have been published in literary magazines, children’s magazines, and online outlets like The Mighty. She is a longtime writer and leader with social justice organizations and was honored as a 2019 Women in Power Fellow in New York City. Until recently, Camellia did not publicly discuss the severity her conditions fearing the negative impact on her career as well as people’s perceptions of her, but months of visible mobility issues compelled Camellia to open up about her conditions including through her blog. Tune in to Part One as Camellia explains how migraine affects her body and every facet of her life and how the work world is not made for the chronically ill. To learn more about Camellia Phillips go to her website at www.camelliawrites.com. You can also learn more about her freelance copywriting and SEO strategy business at www.evergreenwords.org

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