S3E21: Finding Acceptance and New Purpose with Chronic Illness- Part One 

We are throwing back to S1E20 with warrior, Samantha Moss. Sam had a successful management career in financial services until 2014, when she had a severe bowel prolapse resulting in a permanent colostomy. Many diagnoses followed including a complex idiopathic Rare Bone Disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Sam constantly struggles with pathological broken bones and a future filled with unpredictability. Tune in to hear Sam’s amazing story of finding acceptance and embracing her new life as a patient advocate, blogger, podcaster, and author, with her biggest passion being her global Facebook support group called, Medical Musings with Friends. To learn more about Samantha Moss or her new book, you can visit her blog, “My Medical Musings“  ⁠https://mymedmusings.com/⁠ or listen to her Podcast, “Medical Musings With Sam“ ⁠https://anchor.fm/my-medical-musings⁠

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