S3E28: A Woman’s Journey Living with the “Suicide Disease” – Part Two 

Meet warrior, Laura Launderville. At 17, Laura developed symptoms Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN), a painful condition nicknamed the “suicide disease” but like most rare conditions, her diagnosis came much later at age 26. Laura is also diagnosed with the rare condition of Occipital Neuralgia (ON), Chronic Migraine Disease, Lichen Planopilaris (LPP), and IBS-M. Listen to Part Two as Laura dives into how Trigeminal Neuralgia affects her relationships, more about Occipital Neuralgia, how she copes with both very painful diseases and more. Laura supports others with TN and ON and raises awareness by writing on various platforms such as the Mighty and volunteering for the leading non-profit that brings awareness to rare facial pain diseases, The Facial Pain Association (FPA). She additionally serves as a board member for the FPA’s Young Patient Committee (YPC) whose primary focus is on rare pediatric facial pain conditions in young patients and adults under the age of 40 and volunteers for The Vashti Initiative, a non-profit that helps those who have experienced the trauma of religious and spiritual abuse. To learn more about Laura Launderville, go to her blog at https://lauriegirlthemedicalzebra.blogspot.com or Instagram at @themedicalzebrablog. To discover more about her experience and knowledge on TN, go to https://themighty.com/topic/trigeminal-neuralgia/my-journey-with-trigeminal-neuralgia/

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