S3E3: The Complexity of Living with Disability   

Meet warrior, Larissa Martin. Larissa was born 26 weeks premature. She has Cerebral Palsy along with an intellectual disability and is an amputee requiring use of a wheelchair. Larissa is an activist, an advocate and an independent self-published author who has written Dear Anxiety: Letters from a Girl Who Cares and Stories from People who Suffer with Anxiety. She has been published and republished in numerous magazines and digital outlets such as The Mighty, Unwritten Magazine, Yahoo, and MSN. By sharing her life and perspective, Larissa hopes to expand people’s understanding of the true and complex nature of living life with disabilities. Tune in as Larissa explains the challenges, she faces day-to-day from simply opening a door to traveling, how she manages her mental health and the importance of listening and conversing with the disabled community. To learn more about Larissa Martin or her writing, go to https://www.larissaswriting.com.

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