S3E4: Learning to Overcome Adversity Through Chronic Illness

Meet warrior, Marc Hoberman. Marc is a certified life coach, creator and host of the talk show: Life Stories with Marc Hoberman, motivational speaker/trainer, bestselling author, and study skills expert. At 16, Marc began suffering from epilepsy and later in his life from type 2 diabetes. Marc understands the struggles chronic illness can bring, especially at a young age. Listen as Marc shares how epilepsy presented an opportunity to connect with himself on a deep level, to learn valuable coping skills and above all, to utilize this knowledge to help others. Marc has authored and co-authored many books including his bestseller Opportunity In Disguise: How I Defeated Adversity sold online and in select bookstores and through his various passions strives to educate and uplift teens and parents to navigate life challenges such as illness, bullying, peer pressure, anxiety and depression. To learn more about Marc Hoberman, go to https://www.marchoberman.com/ or for his Grade Success educational tools, go to https://gradesuccess.com

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