S3E6: Resiliency with Arthritis- Part Two 

Meet warrior, Irene S. Roth. Irene is a full-time writer, blogger, online teacher, and writing mentor coach. Irene has managed chronic pain from osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic migraine disease, and more for the past twenty-five years. Barely functioning due to the debilitating pain, Irene was determined to not let the pain from her osteoarthritis defeat her. She educated herself and implemented a self-management plan allowing herself to not only function but thrive despite her pain. Through her writing, Irene teaches, encourages, and spreads her message of hope to the chronic pain community. In Part Two, listen as she shares her treatment suggestions and self-management tips for managing the ever-changing symptoms of arthritis and other chronic conditions. To learn more about Irene S. Roth, go to her Smashwords e-books including Living Well with Chronic Illness, The Emotionally Resilient Arthritis Sufferer, Tips to Successful Chronic Pain Management, How to Pace Yourself Despite Migraine Attacks or her blogs including https://livingwellwitharthritis.wordpress.com and the I Am Not My Pain Podcast blog at https://chronicpainwarriorsblog.ca.   

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