S3E7: Managing the In-Between Years with Huntington’s Disease- Part One  

Meet warrior, Erin Paterson. Erin tested gene positive for Huntington’s Disease in her early thirties. After her life-changing diagnosis, Erin naturally began suffering from depression and also received the news she was infertile. Despite everything, she was determined to expand her family and to enjoy a meaningful life. Erin is now a proud mom, author, speaker, and international Huntington’s Disease advocate. Her work has appeared in two anthologies, and has been published on over ten different sites. She wrote a monthly column for Huntington’s Disease News, and facilitated her new book including recruiting people to share their stories, coaching them through the writing process, finding sponsors, and publishing the book. She is a public speaker sharing her story both locally and internationally including at a recent conference for the Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization. Tune in to Part One as Erin dives into managing the aftermath of her diagnoses as well as being a caregiver for her father who is currently living with the debilitating symptoms of Huntington’s Disease. To learn more about Erin Paterson, go to https://www.erinpaterson.com and find her memoir on Amazon at All Good Things: A Story About Genetic Testing, Infertility and One Woman’s Relentless Search for Happiness or her new book on Amazon at Huntington’s Disease Heroes: Inspiring Stories of Resilience from the HD Community. (Headshot courtesy of Patient Voice) 

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