S4E12: Destigmatizing Pelvic Pain– Part One

Meet warrior, Michelle Milheiras. Michelle began experiencing vulva pain after a tailbone injury at only eight years old. Heavy periods, chronic UTI symptoms and yeast infections followed. Doctors dismissed and misdiagnosed her for over a decade, common for pelvic issues. Her pain and symptoms became so severe she had to leave her job. She was at last diagnosed accurately with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis, Lupus, Anxiety and Depression. Michelle now wishes to educate, uplift, and destigmatize these conditions by creating The Happy Pelvis website. Tune in to Part One as Michelle shares her story, explains the anatomy, importance, and purpose of the pelvic floor and more. To learn more about Michelle Milheiras including her blog, podcast, and valuable resources, go to https://thehappypelvis.ca or find her social media: Twitter @HappyPelvis, Facebook @TheHappyPelvis, and Instagram @the.happy.pelvis.

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