S4E14: Being Okay with Not Being Okay- Part One  

Meet warrior, Stephanie Venneri. Stephanie went in for a routine filling in 2021 and due to negligence, left with Trigeminal Neuralgia nicknamed the “Suicide Disease.” Excruciating pain and limited speaking time swiftly ended her over twenty year singing career, her livelihood and passion. Other diagnoses followed such as Hemicrania Continua, SUNA, Anesthesia Dolorosa and TMD/TMJ. Tune in to Part One as Stephanie shares her remarkable story and how she manages gender and racial bias when seeking medical care. Stephanie is now a voice and life coach using her experience to help others manage the impact of chronic illness and other life’s challenges. To learn more about Stephanie Venneri or her coaching services, go to www.stephvenneri.com or her Linktree at https://linktr.ee/stephvenneri.

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