S4E2: Reclaiming Your Life Being a Parent to a Chronically Ill Child– Part Two 

Continuing our conversation with warrior, Dr. Maureen Michele. Dr. Maureen is a military veteran, pediatrician, allergist/immunologist, certified life coach, and author. Above everything, she is a mom to three beautiful kids. Through navigating numerous diagnoses for her three children, Dr. Maureen now uplifts other parents in the same situation discover tools to support their journeys as a certified life coach. In Part Two, Dr. Maureen will discuss how a parent can effectively advocate for their sick child at the doctor, how to manage the feeling of being overwhelmed and some personal pearls of wisdom that every parent and chronically ill person should hear! To learn about Dr. Maureen Michele including her services, book or Personal Pearls of Wisdom blog, go to website https://maureenmichelemd.com. To find her book on Amazon, Reclaiming Life: A Guide for Parents with Chronically Ill Children, go to https://amzn.to/3Hn6zrD.

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