S4E9: Discovering Your Authentic Self while Chronically Sick- Part One 

We are throwing back to S2E12 with warrior, Kashinda Marche. In 1995, Kashinda was a nineteen-year-old new mother when she received the life-changing diagnosis of HIV. Reaching a breaking point with her mental health, Kashinda chose to focus on changing her mindset. Four neurosurgeries and many diagnoses followed throughout the years including Hidradenitis Suppurative, Autoimmune Disorder, Adrenal Insufficiency, Pituitary Adenoma, and Peripheral Neuropathy. Tune in to Part One as we hear Kashinda tell her remarkable story and explain the importance of mindset and of discovering her authentic self. This discovery fuels her passion to inspire, uplift, and empower African American girls and the chronic illness community as a published author, a certified personal development life coach that specializes in self-esteem strengthening, a TEDx speaker, and an Executive Director of the nonprofit, Kreative On Purpose. Kashinda believes health and life challenges don’t need to prevent one from living a fulfilled life. To learn more about Kashinda Marche, her services and her nonprofit, Kreative On Purpose, go to https://www.kreativeonpurpose.org

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