Signing Off with Gratitude

Podcast host, Melissa Adams is signing off with gratitude from the I Am Not My Pain Podcast. Thanks to the encouragement and purpose from her sponsor, Heroes Circle, Melissa began the show wishing to bring living with chronic illness out of the shadows and into the light! After four seasons including 100 episodes with 56 chronic illness warriors from all over the world, this podcast has proved to be a profound, inspiring, and healing experience for her and hopefully, for her listeners as well. Tune in to her final episode as she reflects on this remarkable journey sharing her final thoughts as well as appreciation to past guests and the chronic illness community. She wishes to remind the chronically ill to never forget your voice and your life are valuable and important in the world and it is possible to find ways to live a fulfilled and meaningful life. YOU are so much more than your illness and pain. And as always to remember you are not alone, and you are not your pain.   

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