An App to Help Adults Defeat Their Darkness

And bring them POWER, PEACE, PURPOSE


What is the HERO App?

The HERO App was built for adults who are working through overwhelming emotions of pain, fear and anger. Inspired by the children of Kids Kicking Cancer, the HERO App reminds us not be afraid of our pain, but to connect to an inner power that allows us to breathe in the light and blow out the darkness.

The HERO App is safe, private, and is always available to you on your mobile phone. It’s one of many tools in your toolkit to support you on your journey.

Each time you use the HERO App to face your darkness, you honor and support the children of Kids Kicking Cancer. And each time those overwhelming negative feelings try to return, you can harness your light, remember the children, and defeat that darkness.

When you use this app, you become part of the Heroes Circle. Part of a family that is growing this light across the globe.